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Marine Grade Back to Back Keypads, 60mm MG Latch, MG pro finish

Product Code: BL 2621 MG pro

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    Finished in Marine Grade Satin Black.

    Over 1000 hours salt spray tested.

     + 60mm Stainless Steel latch

    Product Details
    The Marine Grade Series offers specifically coated access control solutions for situations where compliance with the ISPS code is essential. Able to be fitted in conditions too harsh for electronic or digital keypads, the lock is designed to survive harsh, external conditions. 

    Manufactured of the highest stainless steel for all the interior components and plated in a specialized MG Pro material, the coding chamber has undergone rigorous testing to determine that the coding chamber is resistant to salt water corrosion. The exterior body has undergone over 1000 hours of salt spray testing and is designed to survive the most arduous of conditions.

    This particular model comes fitted with a knob turn and is suitable for all external conditions and is designed to work with timber and composite doors. It comes with two seperate keypads; designed to be fitted and coded on both sides of the door.

    Customer Reviews

    • 5 Star Rating Great lock, lock covers, service, instructions, etc. - 30 July 2009

      Reviewer: from

      I needed a mechanical, keypad-operated marine grade lock-set for a tough environment on the Washington coast.  Based on lots of research and great help from the folks at Borg Locks I settled on the BL 2621.  The final selling point was the marine grade covers that come with the lock-set.  I had the locks checked out at a highly regarded Seattle locksmith outfit.  Two of their technicians agreed that the locks were very well designed and constructed and that the instructions were also excellent.  One thing that's not obvious from the pictures on the website is that each of the back-to-back keypads is completely enclosed in its own marine grade cover.  They're hinged at the bottom - you pull down to open the cover then snap it back in place to close.  Great design.  The maintenance instructions with the lock set were also helpful, since I'm hoping to get years of service from these locks.

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