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BL2401 ECP

Product Code: BL 2401 ECP

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    Available in:
    - Satin Chrome

    Backsets available:
    - 50mm backset latch
    - 60mm backset latch
    - 70mm backset latch

    The BL2401 ECP is one of our new Easicode pro range, Fitted with the new Easicode Pro coding chamber, allows a quick, convenient on the door code change without needing to take apart the units of old.

    The BL2401 is a fully mechanical, keypad lock representing a medium duty range over our existing 2000 series. The BL2400 series offers the benefit of a lever handle, an optional holdback function on the inside handle and a free turning handle until the correct code is entered. Offering a higher strength rating than the  standard 2000 series, this is primarily designed for areas of traffic where a lighter duty lock just won't cut it. The lever handle offers a solution for those unable to grip hold of a standard knob style

    This lock is primarily suited to fit internal wooden and timber doors.