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Keypad, Key Overide, Inside Handle (Holdback), 28mm Backset Aluminium Latch

Product Code: BL 2702

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    Available in 
    • satin chrome
    Key override
     + 3 keys 
    + 28mm Ali latch 

    Product Details
    Our BL2000 series is our standard range of fully mechanical pushbutton coded locks. 
    The simple yet ergonomic design ensures access for authorized personnel with automatic locking until the correct code is entered. With the anti-thrust latch designed to prevent tampering and over 8000 different combination, it is designed to provide secure access control for your premises. This model comes with a key-bypass mechanism, allowing access to the premises without needing to enter the code provided you have the key. 

    This is fitted with one of our ali-latches, allowing for a thinner door. With just a 28mm backset instead of our standard 60mm tubular latch, this is designed for doors too thin for standard latch devices.This lock is primarily suited to fit internal wooden, composite or aluminium doors.

    Customer Reviews

    • 5 Star Rating Upvc - 7 July 2010

      Reviewer: from

      We took the risk after seeing the measurments were ideal for a upvc door, with a 28mm backset, it cuts it close but our door was adujustable, anyhow it was a bit fiddly but it worked great, i think its probably easier to fit these to a upvc and aluminium as you dont need all the parts the back set is the key to it, as upvc doors have an inner and outer lip making the standard 60mm impossible with the narrow frame

      anyhow it worked for us

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