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    The New Easi-Code Pro locks are now available

    easicodepro logo BL5701 SS BL5401 SC

    Fully mechanical pushbutton coded locks, incorporating the new easi-code pro 'on-door' code change feature.

    Also available with key by-pass where an extra level of security is required.

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    British engineering at its best

    bl3400 bl2000 bl6000

    Established in 1997 and respected throughout our industry for the quality of our designs, Borg Locks make specialist locks to fit common problems.

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    The new BL200 for Lockers and Cabinets

    BL200 BL200 Line Drawing BL200 Line Drawing

    The BL200 is a highly versatile electronic lock which is suitable for a range of uses. It will fit doors from 2mm up to 22.5mm for more information please click here.

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    Comprehensive Range

    bl2400 bl6100 Marine

    From push button to RFID’s, we have the type of keyless lock you need. Take a look below for details of our ranges and their applications.

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    Reliability and Support

    bl7000 bl2900 bl5000

    From sales advice to installation we’ll help you all the way. If you need help selecting the right lock, or are struggling to complete a secure installation - use our online resources or give us a call.